Wild Animals

I love the big cats, or maybe I should say wild cats, because there are some that aren't very big. My wild cat page has a very extensive list of links to sites about wild cats in general, and many specific types of wild cats.

I also like foxes, especially the beautiful arctic foxes. Fennec foxes are really cute too. My fox page has links to lots of fox Web sites.

I've been to many different zoos and have taken lots of pictures. Check out my Animal Photo Gallery to see my animal pictures from zoos in both the United States and Germany.

Other wild animal links:

WildlifeWebSite.com -- includes a wildlife search engine

BBC Nature Wildfacts


AfriCam -- see real African wildlife!

ISIS (International Species Information System) -- tells you what zoos have a particular type of animal; species are listed alphabetically within categories (Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, etc.) by their scientific names, but their common names are also given

Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program

Pandas at the National Zoo

WWF Polar Bear Tracker

National Wildlife Federation

World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund International

World Wildlife Fund Photo Gallery

World Wildlife Fund Conservation Action Network -- send messages to decision makers

Wildlife Conservation Society

A Few of the Many: A Partial List of Endangered Species (World Wildlife Fund)

The 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Zoos.com -- public and private zoos; zoo organizations; animal photos, sounds and newsgroups; and wildlife links