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Symphony X

Russell Allen Michael Romeo Michael Pinnella Mike LePond Jason Rullo

Symphony X is a progressive metal band from New Jersey featuring guitarist Michael Romeo, singer Russell Allen, keyboard player Michael Pinnella, bassist Mike LePond, and drummer Jason Rullo. Here are pictures from three of the shows that I have been to:

Beehive Theatre, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, January 20, 2001

Heavy Metal Sound, North Plainfield, New Jersey, January 27, 2001

Obsessions, Randolph, New Jersey, September 7, 2001


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Interview with Russell Allen (Spirit of Radio)

Symphony X, Prime Club, Cologne, Germany, December 7, 2000

Symphony X, January 20, 2001 (Big Badd Wolf Productions)

Symphony X, ProgPower USA, November 9, 2001

Jax's Symphony X Pictures